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Bruce S. Victor, M.D.


Bruce was born at a very early age in Detroit, Michigan. After his band’s last place finish in the Oak Park Jewish Community Center 'Battle of the Bands' in 1968 – a feat followed by the accidental crashing of his amplifier through a glass-plated door – he took a much-encouraged 35-year sabbatical from his increasingly Sisyphean efforts at professional musical development.


Bruce became a physician, specializing in psychiatry, ultimately becoming a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the School of Medicine of the University of California, San Francisco. He has published and lectured about psychopharmacologic, psychodynamic, forensic, and even transpersonal aspects of psychiatry. While seemingly manifesting a broad professional sensibility, his (remaining) friends and colleagues know this merely reflects his short attention span. He is currently in the twelfth year of a much-encouraged sabbatical from teaching.


Having resumed his musical career, Bruce and his wife – renowned mandolinist Marla Fibish – play together as Noctambule. The duo has produced three albums and has toured throughout the United States and Ireland. He plays both six and twelve-string guitars in various tunings, the cittern, bouzouki, and the mandola (when Marla isn’t looking). The idiosyncratic nature of his approach to these instruments is such that the Bay Area acoustic guitar community has pre-emptively aligned in granting him a much-encouraged sabbatical from teaching…

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