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1 Paddy Canny’s Toast (C. Lennon) / The Tempest

2 Bold Doherty / Bill Harte’s Jig

3 The Creel /The Sweetheart Reel

4 Trip to Skye (J. Whelan - BMI) / The Good Doctor (M. Fibish)

5 Blind Mary (O’Carolan) / Cold MIssouri Waters (J. Keelaghan)

6 The Cloone / March Reel (M. Fibish) / The Abbey

7 Mr O'Connor (O’Carolan) / The Broken Pledge

8 Song of the Wave

9 A Sweetish Tune (M. Fibish & B. Victor)

Noctambule: A Sweetish Tune - Digital Download

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Noctambule is Marla Fibish & Bruce Victor

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UK & Ireland Publicist: Clive Price Media clivepricemedia@gmail.com

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